Services Available


Comprehensive assessment for children and adolescents (4-18yrs) who are experiencing difficulties with their learning (including dyslexia), language and behaviour.


Development of targeted and individualised home or school based behavioural intervention programs (in conjunction with parents and teachers), including direct liaison with schools where necessary.


Parent education and counselling.


Individual counselling for children and adolescents with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties. 


Specialist language and literacy intervention.

Communication is more important than ever in our challenging times. Support and compassion to others and ourselves are key to ensuring everyone maintains good mental health. Milestones is available to assist.

Please note that as Milestones is an allied health centre, masks are still required to be worn by all adults and High School students (except for those with a medical exemption).

Milestones Clinic

7/37 Cedric Street Stirling  WA 6021

Phone 08 9207 1990  Fax 08 9207 1991